An innovation for ICCA 2018 is that we are for the first time accepting e-posters - posters that are submitted electronically, in PDF format, rather than in the traditional laminated card form. Quite apart from the greater convenience and flexibility of e-posters, they will be screened continuously during the conference, and also available on an app – so that posters will be available to all, and can be scrolled through and retrieved at any time convenient for users, during or after the conference.

Moreover, there’s one huge advantage for you. All you need to do is to submit your e-poster, and it is automatically accepted. You will receive confirmation of the acceptance of your poster within a few days. There is no review process, so that you can register for the conference safe in the knowledge that whether or not you are giving a paper presentation, you will be delivering something at the conference.

You may submit an e-poster even if you are also giving a (personal or panel) presentation. Please take note of the following points, though.

  • An author may only submit one e-poster, whether as sole or co-author (this is to avoid overloading the system).
  • e-Posters will be screened on a wall-mounted rolling display system in the centre of the conference space (therefore not on a traditional poster board).
  • e-Posters should be a ‘single page’ PDF format,  preferably in portrait orientation (16:9 aspect ratio). They may include hyperlinks, but not short videos or moving images.
  • The rolling display does not include access to audio, multimedia or internet content, so posters should work effectively without this.
  • At the head (top) of your poster, give your name(s), your institution, your email address, and the title of your poster or project. If you want to acknowledge others involved in the project or your supervisor, you may do so here. The rest is up to you!
  • e-Posters should present new information rather than showing a webpage that already exists or which can be accessed without attending the conference.

The deadline for submitting your e-poster is 30th April 2018. Enquiries about e-Posters may be sent to ICCA2018Eposters@lboro.ac.uk.

Submit your e-Poster