Conference programme

Draft programme

The draft programme is linked here. There are bound to be errors and inconsistencies, so please do check this carefully, to see that the information about your presentation is accurate. If you notice something that should be changed or amended, please do contact Paul Drew at  We will revise and update the programme in light of your feedback; the revised and we hope final programme will be available towards the end of May.

Before you look through the programme, please do read the following points, which help to explain how we have devised this programme.

  • We have distinguished between Panels and Themes. Panels are thematically grouped presentations as submitted by Panel organiser(s). Themes consist of presentations that were offered as individual papers which, in constructing this programme, we have grouped together around some quite general theme; we have done this in order that individual papers should not appear in the programme as isolated contributions.
  • It has not been possible to schedule an additional slot for discussion/a discussant, as requested by some panel organisers. However, you are welcome if you wish to arrange such a slot, informally, but that slot should be provided within the time frame of your panel.
  • The full title of your presentation may not be shown here – it may have been shortened. We have done this in order to control the length (number of pages) of the programme. Please rest assured that your full title, as you indicated, will be available in the book of abstracts for the conference.
  • We have followed previous ICCA practice and named the first (or only) author first, together with a second author if there is one. In cases where there are more than two authors, the name of only the first author is shown, thus: FN Author, et al.
  • The complexity of the programming is such that it may happen, in some cases, that an individual is presenting a paper at the same time as being a co-authors of a paper being presented elsewhere. Such clashes have been unavoidable, but we have endeavoured to keep them to a minimum.
  • Remember that your presentation will only be included in the programme if you have registered for the conference. Please do so as soon as you can – if you have not registered by Friday 6th April, your presentation will be withdrawn from the programme.
  • Please notify Paul Drew ( as soon as possible, of any errors or omissions, or any amendments that should be made. The final programme will be published on this site in mid-May.