Conference programme

The final programme is linked here. The programme also contains information about the conference location and venue technical specifications. The book of abstracts is available here.

We have revised and updated the schedule of presentations at ICCA to take account of errors in the draft programme, withdrawals, and enquiries from several of you concerning speaker conflicts and overlaps. These have arisen where someone who is a (first) author of a paper in one session is the co-author or one of the co-authors of another paper in a different session which is scheduled simultaneously. The number of co-authored papers is so great that such conflicts are inevitable. We have done our very best to avoid such conflicts altogether, by moving those affected to an adjacent (preceding or ensuing) session. In some cases even this has not been possible without creating a domino effect of further conflicts; so we have adjusted the order in which that speaker is presenting in a panel, in a given session, in order that they can move from one room to another, to be in place for both presentations (rooms are relatively close together, clustering around a central nucleus in James France).

Please take careful note of the points in the first half of p.5 of the programme, immediately preceding the schedule, about the length of presentations in sessions where there might be only 2 or 3 presentations; and about arrangements for Panels.

Guidance for Presenters & Panel Co-ordinators

Please see the full guidance for presenters and panel co-ordinators here.


Please also see the e-posters, linked here.

If you have any general enquiries please email Paul Drew (